CENTRA Seminar - Time-dependent holographic spectral function - 3 novembro 2016



Time-dependent holographic spectral function

Lata Kh Joshi

Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay


Abstract / Resumo 

Using state/geometry map, we have proposed a method to find retarded propagator in generic non-equilibrium states. We discuss the spectral function of a scalar in a class of non-equilibrium states. This class is given in terms of AdS-Vaidya geometry with an arbitrary parameter characterizing the dual state transition from one thermal state to another due to a homogenous quench. In this talk, I will discuss different routes and patterns of thermalization under various scalar momenta and quench durations.
3 de novembro de 2016 | 14:30

Physics Department, Seminar Room

CENTRA Seminars