Terra em Foco: Earth Observation National Conference, Braga, 12-13 September 2024



University of Minho


12-13 September 2024


Terra em Foco is the national biennial Earth Observation conference, an initiative by the Portuguese Space Agency. The event aims to facilitate the sharing and exchange of knowledge and experiences, also serving as a showcase for new products, services, and funding opportunities in the areas of Space, Remote Sensing, and Geospatial Information.
The conference program is organized into parallel thematic sessions with oral presentations on applications, technology, or data science, including practical workshops, and a poster session featuring the latest works from the national community.
erra em Foco aims to be the meeting point for the Portuguese Earth Observation community but is open to everyone and is also accepting communications in English. The first edition took place in 2022 at the University of Évora, focusing on the European Union’s Earth Observation program, Copernicus. This year, the conference expands its theme to the entire Earth Observation value chain, fostering interaction between academia, industry, and public administration.
The event is organized with the collaboration of the School of Engineering of the University of Minho.