8th TESS/15th Kepler Asteroseismic Science Consortium Workshop, Porto, 15-19 July 2024



Faculty of Science of the University of Porto


15-19 July 2024


This decade has witnessed significant advancements in the development and application of precise seismic probes of stellar astrophysics, yielding a diverse array of results covering different aspects of the physics in different types of stars. Asteroseismology has emerged as a powerful tool, successfully integrating with other techniques to study stars, planetary systems, and Galactic stellar populations. The ongoing refinement of the theoretical framework, through improved models with better physical ingredients, and employment of more precise data analysis methods continue to broaden the influence of asteroseismology on stellar astrophysics in general. Notably, ensemble asteroseismology has evolved into a mature approach, offering unique insights into critical issues within stellar physics.
This workshop aims to serve as a platform for a comprehensive review and discussion of the latest findings and their implications. The focus will be placed on new ways of improving the physics in the models, addressing aspects such as convection, angular momentum transport, magnetic fields, and mixing. Additionally, the workshop will delve into approaches for leveraging the wealth of existing and upcoming data. Recognizing the synergies with other topics, ranging from Galactic astronomy to exoplanets, the program will prominently feature sessions dedicated to these interdisciplinary connections.