CENTRA Seminar - Magnetic field: the puppeteer behind "short time" stellar dynamics - 20 outubro 2016



Magnetic field: the puppeteer behind "short time" stellar dynamics

Dário Passos



Abstract / Resumo 

In the classical theory of stellar evolution, magnetic fields are not needed to 
explain the long term evolution of stars. However, things become very different when 
one takes into account more "Human-like" times scales, i.e. from years to millennia.
Stellar magnetic fields actively evolve in these short times scales and this has important 
consequences for the possible companion planets. This is certainly the case for the Earth 
but also applies to the large set of exoplanets that are being presently discovered.
In this talk I'll present what we are learning about the solar magnetic field based 
on state-of-the-art MHD numerical simulations. I'll show our latest results about 
how the magnetic fields evolves on short time scales (years and decades) and how 
it can influence the whole solar convection zone: from small scale turbulence to 
large scale structures (e.g. differential rotation). Afterwards, it time permits, I'll show 
how the solar magnetic field impacts the Earth by presenting a reconstruction of the 
field intensity at 1 AU for the last 250 years and the several ways it has been obtained.
20 de outubro de 2016 | 14:30

Meeting room on the 2nd floor of the Physics Department building

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