Gr@v Seminar - Dynamics of an isolated viscoelastic body - 19 outubro 2016



Dynamics of an isolated viscoelastic body

Lucas Ruiz dos Santos

Universidade Federal de Itajubá


Abstract / Resumo

In this talk, we will discuss a simplified method to formulate the problem of a self-gravitating viscoelastic body: the Pseudo-rigid body method. We will see comparisons of this approach with others commonly presented in some papers and what is the qualitative and quantitative information that this model can provide. We will also remark that there is no need to restrict the problem to the planar case and how it can be easily generalized to the two-body problem.


19 de outubro de 2016 | 14:30


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Anf. Física
Physics Department Aveiro University
Campus de Santiago
3810-183 Aveiro, Portugal