Asteroseismology with large time-resolved astronomical surveyes


Second Announcement


International workshop in Leuven, Belgium, 19-21 September 2012

* Scientific Rationale

The goal of this workshop is to bring together the relevant scientific
expertise to prepare for a new era of variable star research with large
time-resolved surveys. The talks and discussions will be organized
around the following themes:
1) Large time-resolved surveys: what lessons did we learn, what are the
challenges and the future prospects?
2) What can we learn from large populations of variable stars?
3) Time-resolved virtual observatories: how can we combine the power of
different surveys? What scientific questions can we address with such
a new facility?

* Invited Speakers

Zeljo Ivezic: project scientist of the LSST survey
Igor Soszynski: driving force behind the OGLE Variable Star Catalog
Philip Lucas: head of the UKIDSS Galactic Plane Survey and co-I of the
VISTA Variables in the Via Lactea survey
Leo Girardi: creator of the TRILEGAL stellar population synthesis code
Maurizio Salaris: co-creator of the BaSTI database and expert on
stellar evolution and stellar populations
Laurent Eyer: head of the Gaia Variable Star coordination unit

* More information

Details can be found at

* Registration deadline

The deadline for registration is June 7, 2012.
Note that the maximum capacity is 40 persons, after which the
registration will be closed.

The scientific organizing committee,

Joris De Ridder, Belgium
Gisella Clementini, Italy
Laurent Eyer, Switzerland
Don Kurtz, UK
Eric Michel, France
Marc-Antoine Dupret, Belgium
André Moitinho de Almeida, Portugal
Andrzej Pigulski, Poland
Anne Thoul, Belgium