CENTRA Seminar - Neutron Stars in scalar-tensor theories of gravity - 19 maio 2016



Neutron Stars in scalar-tensor theories of gravity

Hector O. Silva

Mississippi University


Abstract / Resumo 

A brief review on how the equation of state of stellar matter may affect the neutron star properties will be given. In particular, the possible onset of hyperons, Among the various modified theories of gravity, scalar-tensor theories are arguably the most natural extensions to general relativity. Particularly interesting classes of these theories satisfy the stringent experimental constraints imposed in the weak-field limit, yet can largely deviate in their predictions from general relativity in the strong-field regime in presence of matter such as in neutron stars. This occurs through a mechanism called spontaneous scalarization, where a non-trivial scalar field can exist within the star altering its properties. Such scalar-tensor theories typically involve a conformal coupling between scalar field and matter. More recently however, it was understood that scalar-tensor theories allow for a wider class of couplings, named disformal. In this presentation we introduce the ideas of spontaneous scalarization and disformal coupling, discussing their impact on the structure of neutron stars in scalar-tensor theories of gravity.


19 de maio de 2016 | 14:30

Meeting room on the 2nd floor of the Physics Department building

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