ESO - Adaptive Optics Scientist - Staff Astronomer



Adaptive Optics Scientist - Staff Astronomer

Paranal Staff Astronomers contribute to the challenge of operating the world leading astronomical facility and optimizing its scientific output. Over the next years, major new systems will complement the available suite of instruments, in particular the Adaptive Optics Facility (AOF) on UT4 with a deformable secondary mirror, four Laser Guide Stars and the adaptive optics modules GRAAL and GALACSI. Other upcoming systems include the VLTI 2nd generation instruments as well as ESPRESSO, MOONS, ERIS and 4MOST. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to join the group of Paranal System Scientists to provide and gain expert knowledge on novel AO instrumentation and be given the overall responsibility for the scientific operations of AO Instruments at the Very Large Telescope. In the long-term perspective, involvement in the AO instrumentation for the E-ELT is a possibility.


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