CAAUL Seminar - A 10 deg2 Lyman-alpha survey at z=9 with spectroscopic follow-up - 20 fevereiro 2014



A 10 deg2 Lyman-alpha survey at z=9 with spectroscopic follow-up

Jorryt Matthee

Leiden Observatory


Abstract / Resumo

Candidate galaxies at redshifts of z~10 are now being found in extremely deep surveys, probing very small areas. As a consequence, candidates are very faint, making spectroscopic confirmation and follow-up study practically impossible. In order to overcome such limitations, we have undertaken the CF-HiZELS survey, which is a large area, medium depth (22.2 AB) near infrared narrow-band survey targeted at z=8.8 Lyman-alpha (Lya) emitters (LAEs) and covering 10 square degrees in part of the SSA22 field with the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope. I will present how we used these observations to obtain the largest samples of high redshift emission line galaxies to date, such as ~3500 Halpha emitters at z=0.8 and ~900 [OII] emitters at z=2.2. These samples are now being used for unique studies with new instruments as KMOS. The main focus is on how we searched for Lya candidates by applying a set of stringent criteria on our sample of line-emitters. I will show how to distinguish z=8.8 galaxy candidates from lower redshift interlopers, how including line-emission improves photometric redshift constraints and I will present the most plausible Lya at z=8.8 candidates to date. I will conclude with our spectroscopic follow-up with the SINFONI instrument on the VLT, with strong implications for existing samples of very high redshift LAE candidates and for ongoing and future surveys.


20 de fevereiro de 2014 | 15:30

OAL - Observatório Astronómico de Lisboa

Seminar room at 15:30 with coffee, tea and biscuits from 15:15

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