Postdoc offer in the University of Liège (Belgium)



Postdoc offer in the University of Liège (Belgium)


The group ASTA (Theoretical Stellar Astrophysics and Asteroseismology) of the University of Liège, Belgium offers a postdoctoral grant of 18 months to work on stellar evolution and asteroseismology of massive stars (see details below). The postdoc should begin between April and December 2014.


The administrative eligibility criterium for this postdoctoral grant requires that the candidate must have worked more than 1 year out of Belgium during the 3 years before this postdoc.


Applicants are invited to send to Marc-Antoine Dupret ( before 1st of March:

  • A motivation letter;
  • A CV;
  • At least two recommendation letters.


Details of the postdoc

The postdoc is expected to contribute to the characterization of poorly modeled processes in massive stars evolution such as the transport of chemicals and angular momentum, mass loss and exchanges in binaries, magnetic field, ? using e.g. asteroseismology. He/she will work on the improvement of current numerical codes modeling the evolution and oscillations of massive stars, and apply these tools by confronting their predictions to current observations. Candidates are expected to have a strong experience in the modeling of stellar interiors and their oscillations.


Deadline: March 1, 2014