CENTRA Seminar - On The Avoidance Of Classical Singularities In Quantum Cosmology - 11 dezembro 2013



On The Avoidance Of Classical Singularities In Quantum Cosmology

Claus Kiefer



Abstract / Resumo 

It is often claimed that a consistent theory of quantum gravity should avoid the singularities prediced by classical general relativity. While a general answer is not yet known, the fate of singularities can be investigated within simple models. In my talk, I shall discuss the quantum avoidance of classical singularities in quantum cosmology. I shall, in particular, address models where classically a singularity develops for large scale factors, such as a Big Rip or a Big Brake, and for which a quantum version without singularities exists. The discussion is performed within quantum geometrodynamics, that is, the Wheeler-DeWitt equation, but remarks are also made concerning the corresponding situation in loop quantum cosmology.


11 de dezembro de 2013 | 14:30

Meeting room on the 2nd floor of the Physics Department building


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