CAAUL Seminar - Interacting dark energy collapse - 18 novembro 2013



Interacting dark energy collapse

Tiago Barreiro

U. Lusófona


Abstract / Resumo

The spherical collapse model for dark matter is a simple but powerful tool to understand the formation of structure in the present universe. We will show how these models adapt to the presence of a dark energy component. In particular, the case of an interacting dark energy implies a collapse in both the dark matter and dark energy components. We will see that assuming a single radius of collapse for all species we only need to follow the collapse of the uncoupled matter sector to obtain the evolution for all matter components. We will illustrate these results with a few specific quintessence models. 


18 de novembro de 2013 | 11:00

Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa

Edifício C8 | Sala 1.67 

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