CAUP Seminar - Testing the chemical tagging with old Open Clusters - 4 novembro 2013



Testing the chemical tagging with old Open Clusters

Sergi Blanco-Cuaresma

Dept. Astronomia i Meteorologia ICCUB-IEEC, Barcelona



De Silva et al. 2007 demonstrated the chemical homogeneity of two open clusters and one moving group together with the uniqueness of their abundance patterns. These findings open the possibility of using the technique of chemical tagging to identify common formation sites in the disk as proposed by Freeman & Bland-Hawthorn 2002.

In order to apply this technique to high resolution spectra we have developed our own spectral analysis code, which we have used for the analysis of old Open Clusters observed by NARVAL spectrograph (Bernard Lyot Telescope located at the Pic du Midi in the French Pyrenees). We present the astrophysical parameters (AP) and abundances determined for those clusters and we compare the performance of two of the most popular methods for abundance analysis: synthetic spectral fitting (SSF) and equivalent widths method (EW).


4 de novembro de 2013 | 13:30

Centro de Astrofísica da U.P.
Rua das Estrelas
4150-762 Porto

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