CENTRA Seminar - Black Hole Scattering - 28 junho 2013



Black Hole Scattering

Maria José Rodriguez

Harvard University


Abstract / Resumo 

The scattering process of any field by a black hole spacetime is characterized by the scattering coefficients that have been only fully understood in special cases – the low frequency regimes. A deeper understanding of the scattering coefficients in other regimes may be crucial to the problems in Kerr/CFT, complex analysis and astrophysics. We probe into the black hole scattering by using new analytical and numerical methods, which are in good agreement with the previous known results. These observations, valid in full generality, provide new insights into the properties of the scattering coefficients and their link to the global information of the wave equation encoded in the monodromies.


28 de junho de 2013 | 14:30

Meeting room on the 2nd floor of the Physics Department building


Watch it live on:  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/centra---ist-seminars (also available on CENTRA TV webpage)
Talks' slideshttp://centra.ist.utl.pt/~blackholes/seminars/rodriguez.pdf  (available right before the seminar) 


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