CAUP Cookie Seminar - Age and mass determination of low mass pre-main sequence stars - 31 maio 2013



Age and mass determination of low mass pre-main sequence stars 

Ana C. S. Rei




T Tauri stars are pre-main sequence (PMS) stars with low mass (below 2 solar masses). These objects are still inside their parent molecular cloud and surrounded by a circumstellar disk. As soon as PMS stars become visible it's possible to observe its spectral energy distribution and obtain the most important atmospheric parameters out of it: effective temperature, metallicity, surface gravity, between others, that together with luminosity can give us information about mass, radius and age of each star. One of the several ways used to determine the mass and age of a star is through model comparison, using two or more observable stellar parameters and localizing the star's position in the H-R diagram. But in order to have reliable determinations of mass and age, we need to have accurate determinations of the star's atmospheric parameters, which is not always easy to get. In this cookie seminar I will present the work I have been developing in what concerns the determination of age and mass of low mass PMS stars.


31 de maio de 2013 | 13:30

Centro de Astrofísica da U.P.
Rua das Estrelas
4150-762 Porto


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