CENTRA Seminar - Goldstone Gravity From Spontaneous Lorentz Violation - 7 maio 2013



Goldstone Gravity From Spontaneous Lorentz Violation

Robertus Potting

U. Algarve


Abstract / Resumo 

We present a theory of gravity in which a symmetric two-index tensor in Minkowski spacetime acquires a vacuum expectation value (vev) via a potential, thereby breaking Lorentz invariance spontaneously. Two of the resulting Nambu-Goldstone modes have properties that are identical to those of the graviton in general relativity. Imposing self-consistent coupling to the energy-momentum tensor constrains the potential for the Lorentz violation. This self-consistent bootstrap leads to a nonlinear theory of gravity, containing kinetic and potential terms along with a matter coupling. At energies small compared to the Planck scale, the theory contains general relativity. Integrating out massive modes yields Lorentz-violating radiative-correction terms in the low-energy effective Lagrangian, that can lead to observable effects.


7 de maio de 2013 | 14:30

Meeting room on the 2nd floor of the Physics Department building


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