23rd Evry Schatzman School on Stellar Astrophysics, Roscoff, France, September 29 to October 4, 2013



23rd Evry Schatzman School on Stellar Astrophysics

The Age os Stars


Location: The Station biologique de Roscoff - September 29 to October 4, 2013 (6 days).


Consequences for stellar physics, galactic dynamics and evolution, exoplanetology and cosmology

Precise and accurate stellar ages are required in many astrophysical fields, including exoplanetology, stellar physics, the evolution of galaxies and also in cosmology. Stellar age-dating methods are currently being improved and new methods are developed to take the full benefit of high-quality observations provided, for instance, by the CoRoT (CNES, Europa, Brasil) and Kepler (NASA) missions or those expected from the forthcoming Gaia ESA mission to be launched in 2013 . The school will provide a proper blend of lectures and practical work on all aspects of stellar age-dating.

Final registration deadline is July 15th, 2013