CFP Seminar - How do neutrino/cosmic features can affect cosmic/neutrino properties? - 15 março 2013



How do neutrino/cosmic features can affect cosmic/neutrino properties?

Alex Bernardini

Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brasil



We shall begin our presentation with a resumed overview of the fundamental neutrino properties followed by brief description of the state of art of flavor oscillation "effective" models. Our subsequent discussion is mainly concerned with the role of the cosmological neutrino background (CνB) in the thermal history of the Universe and with its rapport to the cosmic inventory. By introducing some analytical manipulation tricks we show how the inclusion of the CνB component into the cosmological perturbation theory affects the predictions for the matter power spectra P(k) and, in a secondary way, for the tensorial contribution to the cosmic microwave background (CMB) anisotropy. Likewise, through some basic elements of the quantum measurement theory, we verify how CνB energy density (indirect) measurements are (more accurately) related to neutrino mass formulas and to predictions for the neutrino background temperature. To end up, several theoretical issues relating cosmological neutrinos to CMB, dark matter and dark energy are drawn.


15 de março de 2013 | 14:30



Departmento de Física e Astronomia da FCUP
Anfiteatro -117
Porto, Portugal


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