IAU Symposium 301: Precision Asteroseismology - Celebration of the Scientific Opus of Wojtek Dziembowski, Wrocław, Poland


IAU Symposium 301 - Precision Asteroseismology

Celebration of the Scientific Opus of Wojtek Dziembowski


The IAUS301 symposium will take place in Wrocław, Poland and it will be an opportunity to celebrate the Scientific Opus of Wojtek Dziembowski. This conference intends to discuss what are the missing physics in stellar structure and evolution theory and how these may be retrieved from the analysis of stellar oscillations. Moreover, we would like to point out the synergies between helio- and asteroseismology and how the experience and methods of helioseismology can be used to advance asteroseismology efficiently.


The registration for the Symposium is now open and can be done via the web site http://iaus301.astro.uni.wroc.pl.

Please note that a number of participants is limited to 180 and early registration is recommended.

Participants who need an invoice are requested to give all details which should be included on it.


The deadline for TRAVEL GRANTS application has been added. Please note that due to the IAU requirements this deadline is VERY SOON: February 28, 2013.


Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. IAU Grants are intended to cover in part expenses associated with attendance of participants at the Symposium. Participants of IAU Symposium 301 may apply for an IAU Grant, using the form available on http://www.iau.org/static/meetings/GrantSymposiumRIM.pdf. This form should be sent to the chairpersons of the Scientific Organizing Committee, i.e., to Hiromoto Shibahashi <h.shibahashi@gmail.com> and Jadwiga Daszynska-Daszkiewicz <daszynska@astro.uni.wroc.pl>.