Astronomy, radio Sources and Society - The Wonderful Century, 10-13 June 2013, Leiden, The Netherlands



Astronomy, radio Sources and Society - The Wonderful Century, 10-13 June 2013, Leiden, The Netherlands

A symposium celebrating George Miley's achievements


Future progress in astronomy depends on the willingness of society to fund the increasingly expensive facilities that are needed to explore new parameter space and perform research at the frontier. The first day of this symposium will focus on lessons learned from past projects in securing funding for such facilities around the world and on astronomy as an engine for stimulating global capacity building.

The final 3 days of the symposium will deal with the importance of extragalactic radio sources in astronomy and their use as probes of galaxy and cluster formation and evolution. There will be particular emphasis on multi-wavelength studies, LOFAR and potential for advances with next generation facilities.

The invited speakers are:
* Martin Rees (Cambridge) ; Ron Ekers (ATNF) ; Cornelis van Bochove (Leiden University) ; John Womersley (STFC) ; Martha Haynes (Cornell) ; Bernie Fanaroff (SA SKA) ; Jim Crocker (Lockheed Martin) ; Bas Haring (Leiden University) ; Kevin Govender (SAAO / OAD) ; Lars Lindberg Christensen (ESO) ; Cecilia Scorza (Heidelberg) ; George Miley (Leiden) * Chris Carilli (NRAO) ; Yuri Kovalev (ASC, Moscow) ; Colin Norman (Johns Hopkins) ; Roger Blandford (Stanford, TBC) ; Ed van den Heuvel (Amsterdam) ; Bram Venemans (MPIA) ; Tim Heckman (Johns Hopkins) ; Nina Hatch (Leiden) ; Peter Barthel (Groningen) ; Carlos de Breuck (ESO) ; Geoff Bicknell (ANU) ; Michael Wise (ASTRON / Amsterdam) ; Reinout van Weeren (SAO) ; Marcus Brüggen (Hamburg) ; Roderik Overzier (Texas) ; Stefano Borgani (INAF) ; Holland Ford (Johns Hopkins / STSCI) ; Ken Kellermann (NRAO) ; Joop Schaye (Leiden) ; Joseph Silk (Oxford) ; Michael Garrett (ASTRON / Leiden) * Pedro Russo (Leiden / UNAWE) ; Carolina Ödman-Govender

Scientific organizing committee:
Astronomy and Society: Schilizzi (Chair), Ekers, Fanaroff, Garrett, Righi-Steele, Schreier, vd Laan, Röttgering
Radio Sources: Carilli, Venemans, Barthel, Best, de Breuck (Co-Chair), Heckman, Hatch, Overzier, Jarvis, Kellermann, de Bruyn, Röttgering (Co-Chair), Russo

Local organizing committee:
Deul, Gerstel, Lub, Röttgering, Russo, Stroe (Chair), vd Veld, Williams




Contact: E-mail: / Liesbeth vd Veld (+31 (0)71 527 5833)