CAAUL Seminar - Probing the Origin, Powering and Geometry of Ly-Alpha Blobs around High-z Radio-Loud Galaxies - 3 dezembro 2012


Andrew Humphrey



Luminous high-redshift Ly-alpha blobs (LABS), often also known as  Ly-alpha "nebulae", "halos" or "fuzz"  in the literature, promise to yield important insights into the physics of massive galaxy formation. As prodigious sources of HI Ly-alpha photons, with ~10-100 kpc spatial extents, they provide an efficient way to select distant galaxies (or proto-galaxies) expected to be undergoing significant mass-assembly.

In this talk, I will present results from a recently accepted paper in which we used long slit spectroscopy from GTC+OSIRIS to examine the geometry, powering, and origin of the LAB and an absorption line system associated with a radio-loud quasar at z=2.54.  I will also discuss some interesting new results from long-slit spectropolarimetry of LABs associated with z>2 radio galaxies, and their related continuum structures.

3 de dezembro de 2012 | 14:30


Tapada da Ajuda, OAL Edifício Leste, 2º Piso

1349-018 Lisboa