CFP Seminar - Topological defects in Rock-Paper-Scissors type models - 12 outubro 2012



Topological defects in Rock-Paper-Scissors type models


Pedro Avelino




Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) models incorporate some of the crucial ingredients associated with the dynamics of a network of competing species and they are a powerful tool in the study of complex biological systems. In this talk I will introduce a family of RPS models with an arbitrary number of species and I will show that it has a very rich structure, allowing for many completely different phases. I will discuss some of the most important dynamical, geometrical and topological features of specific realizations of this family of models and I will show that, in some special cases, these are analogous to the ones observed in other physical systems in condensed matter and cosmology.


12 de outubro de 2012 | 14:30



Departmento de Física e Astronomia da FCUP
Anfiteatro -117
Porto, Portugal