ALMA-UK: Advanced Radio Inteferometry workshop, 13 - 16 November 2012, Manchester, UK



ALMA-UK: Advanced Radio Inteferometry workshop


RadioNet workshop
Commissioning Skills and Preparation for the SKA


13 November morning to 16 November lunchtime 2012
JBCA, University of Manchester, UK

The number of prospective radio interferometry users is increasing very rapidly, thanks to new and upgraded radio interferometry arrays coming into operation (ALMA, e-MERLIN, JVLA, KAT7, LOFAR ...) and those planned or under construction (ASCAP, MeerKAT, NOEMA, SKA etc.). All these telescopes aim to make their data accessible to astronomers with an interest in the science, not necessarily in the dirty details of techniques. Nonetheless, there is still a need for a core of experts to lead ambitious science projects and to test, operate and develop radio instruments.

This workshop will communicate skills that you need to help comission a radio interferometry array or work on early science data. The new arrays coming into operation have all found a shortage of scientists able and willing to help troubleshoot early science. Talks and discussion sessions will share best practices between people working on the arrays, lessons from comissioning scientists and the experiences of working on early science data.

Real issues which have arisen at individual arrays will be used as examples for problem-solving group sessions, but the skills of improvisation, troubleshooting and working at the interface between astronomer and engineers, are very widely applicable.

There are no fixed qualifications for attendance but in case of over-subscription, people with some radio astronomy experience will be prioritised. There will be opportunities to contribute your experience, with a few slides if wanted.

Sessions will be led by expert astronomers and engineers from these arrays; so far confirmed:

Robert Laing (ALMA),
Simon Garrington (e-MERLIN/VLBI),
Rick Perley (JVLA),
Michiel Brentjens (LOFAR)
Anita Richards (RadioNet),
Roshene McCool (SKA)

There is no registration fee but please register as soon as possible at since capacity is limited.