[Beyond IYA2009] News and Events #2


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Subject: [Beyond IYA2009] News and Events #2
Date:    Sat, March 24, 2012 3:55 pm


Greetings all
News and events below - please send me your short paragraph and link if you
would like to post something here.

1. A National Meeting on Science Education and Communication Tucson,
Arizona, Aug. 4 - 8, 2012 (Andrew Fraknoi)
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), in partnership with the
American Geophysical Union and the National Optical Astronomy
Observatories, is delighted to open the registration for
its 124th Annual Meeting and its national conference on "Communicating
Science." Hundreds of education and outreach professionals, scientists,
of print and on-line materials, journalists, public information officers,
twitterers, and other involved in communicating science will be gathering
at the air-conditioned DoubleTree Tucson hotel for panels, workshops,
talks, posters, exhibits, and discussions. The conference web site has more
detailed information and is now accepting registration and abstract
submissions  at: http://www.astrosociety.org/2012meeting

2. Royal Astronomical Society - IAU Office of Astronomy for Development
Visiting Experts programme: Programme aims to support experts based in the
UK travelling to developing countries to support astronomy for development.
Call for proposals and details for travel grants at

3. UNESCO Astronomy and World Heritage Initiative: The project team is
pleased to announce the launch of *The UNESCO AWHI’s Portal to the Heritage
of Astronomy*, sponsored by the RAS and IAU, at the UK-Germany National
Astronomy Meeting
NAM2012<http://www.jodrellbank.manchester.ac.uk/meetings/nam2012/> in
Manchester, United Kingdom. The launch (for astronomy and heritage
professionals) will be communicated during the meeting's *OUT1: Public
Astronomy* session on *Wednesday 28th 10:00-11:15 *(Talk ‘Outstanding
Universal Value’ and UNESCO’s new Astronomical Heritage Web

** Link to the „Portal to the Heritage of Astronomy“:

6. Take part in an international star party to promote peace during Global
Astronomy Month in April.  StarPeace and Astronomers Without Borders have
partnered for 30 days of StarPeace.  Simultaneous events, some with online
interaction between clubs in different countries, will circle the globe
through 10 segments of longitude.  Beginning in Oceania during the first
three days of April, the event sweeps eastward to cover the world by
month's end.  For more information see


7. How about a little trip to the Moon? Teaching and learning about science
today is very exciting. The opportunities are various and one more exciting
than the other.  Well, here is another fun opportunity, Moonbounce your
pictures or drawings. With the support of art and radio astronomy artist
Daniela de Paulis together with a team of radio amateurs at Dwingeloo radio
telescope in Holland, we will have the opportunity to MoonBounce images
produced by schools. The campaign will take place during the Global
Astronomy Month 2012. To know more about this project :




8.  GTTP Training Opportunities:In 2012 we have a vast number of training
opportunities for you.****

·         GTTP Training session during COSPAR 2012 in *Mysore - India* (look
for Panel P – Scientific Event PE 2) - http://www.cospar-assembly.org

·         GTTP Training session in *Beijing *(August 2012) – link to be
announced soon

·         GTTP Training Session during EWAS2012 (July 2012 in *Rome*) -
http://www.ifsi-roma.inaf.it/ewass2012/?page_id=546  (A special fee for

·         GHOU/GTTP2012 – July 2012 – *Morroco* -

·         GTTP Comenius/Gruntvig Training Events in *Portugal* – (Fall
2012) - http://tiny.cc/e22ibw (Funding available via Comenius Agencies in

·         EUHOU Comenius / Gruntvig Training Events in *France and
Greece* (Fall
2012) – www.euhou.net (Funding available via Comenius Agencies in Europe)

·       Discover the Cosmos Summer School – July 2012 *– Crete* –

9. Deadline for the submission of abstracts for the International
Astronomical Union General Assembly in Beijing has been extended to 30th
March 2012 (www.astronomy2012.org)