Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetimes, Lisbon, 18-21 June 2024



Instituto Superior Técnico


18-21 June 2024


Quantum field theory in curved spacetimes is behind several cornerstone achievements of modern theoretical physics, and remains an active and diverse field of research to this day. As in previous editions, the aim of this Workshop is to bring together researches from different branches of our field, and from different stages of the scientific career path, to present their latest work, give general overviews, and to discuss and exchange ideas regarding the future of the field. Among other topics, this Workshop will cover:
  • QFT in black hole and cosmological spacetimes
  • Mathematical and conceptual foundations of QFTCS
  • Semiclassical Einstein equations and backreaction
  • Relativistic quantum information
  • Analogue gravity
The deadline for registration is the 31st of May. Register here >>