Stellar populations in the era of ELTs: advances over the next decade and beyond - Lyon, France June 28, 2019

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite your contributions to "Stellar populations in the era of ELTs: advances over the next decade and beyond", an EWASS 2019 Special Session to be held on 28th June 2019 at the University of Lyon, France. Abstract submission for oral and poster presentations is open with a deadline of 3rd March 2019.

This special session focuses on the significant advances in this field occurring over the next decade with exciting new insights for galaxies in the Local Group and beyond thanks to the combined power of imaging and spectroscopic survey facilities, like the LSST, WFIRST, EUCLID, 4MOST, WEAVE and MOONS, coupled to those from high-angular resolution data from, e.g., JWST, ALMA, and next-generation telescopes, such as GMT, TMT and ELT.

We invite both observers and theoreticians to discuss opportunities for advancing our knowledge on the stellar mass assembly history of galaxies in the 2030 landscape.

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Important dates:
Very early bird registration deadline:              10.02.2019
Contributed abstract submission deadline:   03.03.2019
Early bird registration deadline:                      28.04.2019
Regular registration deadline:                        23.06.2019
EWASS 2019:                                                24.06.2019-28.06.2019

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We look forward to seeing you at EWASS!

Kind regards,
Jean Michel Gomes & Aprajita Verma (co-chairs) for the SOC.
Apologies if you receive this announcement more than once.