CENTRA Seminar - Imaging black holes through AdS/CFT - 20 junho 2018



Imaging black holes through AdS/CFT

Keiju Murata



Abstract / Resumo 

The AdS/CFT correspondence predicts that some thermal field theories are equivalent to gravitational theories with black holes in AdS. The defining feature of black holes is the existence of event horizons. Can we see the image of the horizon through observables in the dual field theory? We consider the Schwartzshild black hole in the global AdS-4 and give a localized scalar source in its AdS boundary S^2. We obtain the interference pattern as its response function. The response has information about the bulk filed propagating in the black hole spacetime. We demonstrate that the image of the black hole horizon can be reconstructed from the response function which is an observable in the dual field theory.
20 de junho de 2018 | 14:30

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