Call for Proposals to organise EAS Colloquia


Call for Proposals to organise EAS Colloquia

In order to promote medium size meetings in astronomy and astrophysics and related areas, the European Astronomical Society (EAS) launched in 2011 a series of EAS Colloquia (EASColl) to provide a mechanism to exchange ideas and promote cross-fertilisation of ideas between scientists working in Europe.

EASColl are intended to be medium-size meetings of 50 to 80 people dedicated to either established scientific domains or emerging fields of small/growing communities, which can not apply for support to the large EU Networks or qualify as International Astronomical Union Symposia (IAUS).

Therefore, we are pleased to announce the second Call for Proposals to organise EAS Colloquia.

Practical information (including the application form) can be found on the EAS Web pages at:

The deadline for submission is June 25, 2012.

Selection by Council is expected to take place at their Council meeting at the Rome EWASS2012.

The funding is allocated for EASColl to be held the next calendar year, i.e., in the course of 2013.