CENTRA Seminar - On the coalescence of non-standard compact objects - 16 março 2017



On the coalescence of non-standard compact objects

Carlos Palenzuela

University of the Balearic Islands


Abstract / Resumo 

I will discuss some numerical studies on the coalescence of non-standard compact objects, namely charged black hole and compact boson stars. Our simulations suggest that: (1) a black hole binary with mass comparable to that observed in GW150914 could produce the strong level of electromagnetic luminosity observed soon after by Fermi GBM (1049 ergs/s) with a non-dimensional electric or magnetic charge of q=Q/M=10^{-4}, assuming good radiative efficiency; (2) the merger of an orbiting compact boson star binary produces a rotating bar, which quickly relaxes to a non-rotating boson star. These simulations are performed by using a modification of the covariant conformal Z4 (CCZ4) formalism of the Einstein Equations that does not require the algebraic enforcing of any constraint.
16 de março de 2017 | 14:30



Physics Department, Seminar Room

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